Ellis Falls Country Music

Website and other digital sites are suspended due to not paying their debts since the summer of 2020. This website along with multiple streaming audio sites has been turned off due to being unable to pay. There was an agreement that took place with the digital management of Ellis Falls Music.


If you take a look from 2019 - 2020 you would see how events, promotions, videos, and more took place. Since 2020 that has changed. In order for things to get back on track. The digital marketing, and management team is looking to raise money to help them out.  We know earlier in 2020 to 2021 Covid hit. Since the fall of 2021 to the present live entertainment and performing have been non-stop in New England.

$0.00 out of $4000.00

After the $4000.00 is raised to pay off debts, the website will be back up and running with current information along with other digital streaming platforms and the donation for support will be closed.

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AyAyRon MMDS is an individual who has Autism and has been spending his own money for paying additional operating costs since 2020. Taking advantage of and leading someone on and telling you that you will be paid. 2 years of ignoring emails, phone calls, and text messages is not professional that is now why you see this page on the website.

The remaining balance that Ellis Falls owes is $3400.00 plus 2 years of additional late fees, and annual expenses for keeping things up and running. The total amount is $4000.00 

This is not some fraudulent attempt to take or steal anyone's money. You have to be approved by a bank to use their services in order to do legit business. Stripe services have been approved and are what is used for the online payment processing for raising the funds.